Computers – Today’s necessity!

Posted on Dec 18 2015 - 10:05pm by Sangeeta Kumar

I was recently invited for a panel discussion on ‘The Gateway to New Age Learning and Overall Development of Young Children – The Personal Computer’.

We were a bunch of mother bloggers present who attended this discussion.

An eye opener for me was to learn how Dell has been planning ahead and spreading computer awareness in Tier 3-4 cities where still majority of people dont understand technology.But when Dell representative told us that they are spreading awareness through government schools and vans where kids can come, see, feel and touch it was nice to know that Dell is really helping India become Digital India by spreading such awareness at that level also.

For mothers like us who live in the Tier 1 & 2 cities, it wasnt a surprise to know how technology has advanced and how our kids need computers at a very young age to learn and explore.

It goes without saying that various types of technological gadgets are at the forefront of our culture. Its so true that our kids and ourselves use devices such as tablets, cell phones, etc, for everyday use.

For parents it is important to understand that we may give to our kids Tablets and cellphones primarily for time pass and gaming or to keep them quiet while we do our important work and need peace, however these kids of today are smart, they can operate applications on the cellphones that even we dont know. We must encourage our kids to use the tablets or cellphones not only for gaming but learning.

In the same way computers serve an important purpose in school, work and play, so we must encourage our kids to use computers instead of depriving them to use it. Keep a secret check is smart parenting and it is important we give our kids that freedom to research ofcourse within your set guidelines. You will be surprised to see how kids learn fast and develop skills. Some kids learn Maths through playing Math games on the computer, some improve spelling through computer play and learn programs and ofcourse the smarter ones learn things like how to make robots, model aeroplanes, and other creative things.

Though we all know the pros but there are the cons which cannot be overlooked and to tackle that we have to be smart parents in controlling the time given to use the computer, the need for the computer, the secret checks and the correct software which needs to be loaded which protects the computers against the un desirable pop-ups, ads and the wrong sites which we dont want our kids to see.

Computers today is an essential aspect of early learning. Digital learning allows children to expand their mind by encouraging exploration through technology.

Smart computer hardware companies such as Dell have introduced computers to take home as low as Rs. 749/- which is of course followed by EMI’s.

Thanks to Dell it will not be difficult for parents to invest in technology which is so very much required not only for the kids at home but even more for the mothers who need to access information related to school, assignments need to be printed, presentations have to be made, and also the research which needs to be done to make projects or teach topics, etc. It has become a necessity just like having a RO in the house which we cant do without.

During the Panel discussion we mothers also reiterated the fact that though schools are equipping smart boards and hi tech technology tools, it is important for the schools and the leaders to also be educated on how to use such equipment as a tool and not as a USP  to sell the modern school concept. The teachers and the higher ups should get training on how to use the modern gadgets so they can adopt the change within their system.

So parents go out and explore and bring home Dell Computer. Thanks to Dell for making it so much affordable. 

Looking forward to a Digital India!


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  1. Sonia December 22, 2015 at 7:19 pm - Reply

    Absolutely true. Today technology has invaded every aspect of our lives so it important that children too, learn to use it from a young age.

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