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Posted on Jan 18 2018 - 6:54pm by Sangeeta Kumar

Plowns – The name is so attractive and immediately attracts attention towards kids.

Plowns is an Android App for kids where they can share their creativities with the world. Creativities is a term being used for drawings, painting, DIY’s, creative writing, crafts, selfies, photos, etc.

In the modern world all parents look for ways to help their kids to explore their passion and creative ability. Plowns app keeps kids engaged in all kind of activities and competitions that they keep having regularly. It’s a huge platform base where kids can really enhance, learn and bring out the best in themselves because of the social platform which is at a big scale. Kids themselves start taking their own initiatives in going further to do their best.

From the very early age where kids start using their crayons and scribble their very first abstract drawings to the time they start growing up and their lines and circles reform into a more understandable drawing, upload it all in this app and store the memories for your little ones. Its all a part of the creative journey of your child. And its not only focused on drawings and paintings but on any creativity that your child comes up with, be it best out of waste creation, a self made project of school, a card, a beaded necklace, a picture of your child as a national leader in school, or any such thing just upload it on the Plowns App. You can create an e-portfolio for your child which has every memory of his/her childhood years uploaded – art, creative writing, craft, photos, etc. This e-portfolio you can share with other parents on the platform and you can interact and discuss different ways of instilling creativeness in their kids with them.

When your child shows his/her creativity to people at home she/he only gets appreciation from just a few people at home (mom, dad, grand parents and siblings). However, when you upload this creativity on Plowns a huger audience sees and appreciates it and those number of likes and comments are a boost to your childs personal development.

Plowns shares your uploads with the world, and you can see what others have shared as well. It is the platform where parents are brought on a common platform to instill creativity in their kids.

I personally use Plowns and upload all the creativities that my daughter does and she is loving the stars and the appreciation she gets. She feels boosted and attempts to do better at her next creation.

So go ahead friends and download this app which is currently F.O.C. from your playstore and enjoy the platform. See what other parents do with their kids. Its brilliant.

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