Foot fracture and Me!

Posted on Feb 9 2017 - 8:11pm by Sangeeta Kumar

This article is about my experience of having to be in bed due to an accident I had on September 15th.

It was at 1:30 pm when I stepped down from my first floor to go to school with my son and my dog (Heaven), to pick up my daughter. My son was home as he had a holiday that day to study for his half yearly exams.

I was walking towards the main gate, my son about 15 steps ahead of me and my dog next to me, when my son suddenly shouted “Mummy there is a monkey, be careful!”. Immediately, I stamped on my dogs leash. Within a fraction of a second I slipped, twisted my foot and “crack, crack” is the sound I heard followed by screeching pain. My first reaction was to hold on to my dog so he doesn’t go after the monkey. Then I called out for my son who had reached the car, and I said “Vaibhav, please come back, I have fallen”. He immediately, came and the first thing I told him to do is call my friend Geeta to pick up the kids from school. I was in extreme terrible pain and my left foot which I broke had swollen to become double its size. A few of my helpers came around spraying me with moov and made me sit on a low stool.

Not knowing what to do next, my neighbor who is a well-known eye surgeon at Max Hospital came to my rescue. She called Max hospital in Gurgaon to help me on my arrival there. She however could not escort me there as she was busy. Adding to the list of problems we were already facing was that my driver was taken by my husband to office, my mother in law was not home, so my son Vaibhav immediately called an Uber which arrived within 15 minutes and we rushed to emergency in Max. On the way to Max, I had called my mom to come over with a set of few clothes as my heart was telling me I am in for a long and painful trouble with my foot.

On reaching the emergency area of Max, I was escorted in a wheelchair to a room where I was to wait for the doctor to come. In the meanwhile, while I was waiting my son was doing the required formalities of paying the fees and filling a couple of forms. Within an hour of being in the hospital, my husband reached and the doctor also came. With a quick and painful x-ray done we came to know that both sides of my left foot were broken and nothing but a surgery could fix it. My husband then called Dr. Parul to update her and she said we must wait for Dr. Dey who would meet us shortly. We waited and as I had feared, Dr. Dey also confirmed that a surgery would be required and it would be a 3 month recovery period. He said they would have to insert a rod on one side and a plate on the other to join the bones. So we had no option left but to say yes for the surgery and 3 hours after my fall I was in extreme pain still and now in fear of the surgery and the entire 3 month process. My parents and mother in law joined me in the hospital and we told them everything and our entire family was in shock as being a pillar of both sides of the family it was difficult for all of us to accept my 3 month bed rest. A person like me who is always on the move would be down in bed for so long was a night mare. To add to our problems was the fact that due to rise in dengue cases, rooms were falling short however due to our friend Dr. Parul we managed a room and i was all set for my surgery the same evening. Both my kids with a heavy heart bid me good luck and went back home. My husband was with me during surgery which took place at 9 pm that day.

It started with a couple of tests, then an epidural on my backbone and within seconds my lower half of the body was numb. I could now only feel and hear the sound of scissors cutting through my hard skin and consciously I could softly hear the doctors chatting about my foot, asking for equipments. Due to loss of blood I started slowly to feel the chill on my fingers and nose, but the warmth of the operation lights kept me warm. Also the oxygen mask was a nuisance but my own warm air kept me warm. After about two and a half hours I could feel them and hear them staple my skin and I was so praying hard at that moment hoping they get the staples in a straight line so my foot doesn’t look ugly. I was now nearing the end and heard the doctor saying all done, they shifted me to the stretcher and rolled me to the ICU where within a few minutes I started shivering like if it was my last breath and I called out for the nurse to whom I said please help me I am feeling very cold. She immediately gave me a hot blower under my blanket, kept my oxygen mask on and my pulse under control and within an hour my body temperature started to come to control. At that time, I kept praying to God please save me, I cant die just because I fell and broke my foot, I kept crying please save me from dying God, my kids, family, parents and dog need me! After all this, I now insisted I wanted to be taken to my room where my husband was waiting. After a long time, somewhere around 2 am, I was taken to the room and I was so happy to see a known face, my husband, so it now felt like a next hurdle crossed and now recovery time starts. I could now with a bunch of pain killers and glucose, I could sleep peacefully in the room. The next day afternoon my mom and kids came to check on me and I was so happy to see them all.

I was regularly given pain killers and sedatives so I can hardly remember what happened the next day. A few things I do remember is the food which I didn’t like, the nurses were nice and so were the helpers who would come and clean me. When the doctor came to check in on me the next day he told me to loose weight and he said I should keep my toe movement and knee movement on. Well this wasn’t possible so I was slow in this process of movement in the knee as foot was in pain. Coming close to my discharge day I learnt how to hop to the toilet and back using a walker, it wasn’t easy to be hoping with all body weight on one foot but I managed.

Coming home on Sunday was indeed a challenge as there were stairs and no stretcher could come and drop me so 4 men were arranged to carry me upstairs in a chair! It was indeed the scariest experience. I kept thinking of a mistake any of these men would make and I would fall and then will have to go back to the hospital! Well they managed and on reaching my home I broke down, thinking why this had to happen to me and how will I manage! With my family and mom around me i could feel their warmth and comfort to be there for my support.

The first few weeks, with my mom around everything seemed to be in control and taken care of. My sons exams were going on so he was home every other day and back home during exams around 1pm so life with him around was very comforting as he is one of a kind of son who just can’t see me in pain and has always till date looked after my smallest need and has comforted me like none other.

The first two weeks were very tough as my mind was totally blank and i wasn’t able to recall many things. I had many friends and relatives visiting me, one special friend told me to keep away from Facebook and concentrate on thinking of the next phase of life while I am in bed, he told me to utilize this time for reinventing myself and thinking what I’ll do after I get up. At that time every advice seemed interesting and worth it but the moment I would try to think of what I needed to do and how I would re-start everything. Everything seemed blank and I couldn’t for many days even till now think of what i need to do next. I started to feel frustrated every end of the day i was in bed and still in pain wasn’t able to discuss with anyone what I was going through. My frustrations were added on as I started to miss some close friends who used to chat with me on Whatsapp but never come to visit me. I could have done with some friends visiting me and helping me get along with the day but I was left depressed day after day. Sometimes a call from friends would help but a minute on the phone versus a visit from a friend was a difference that would have helped me mentally. Anyhow, that is when I realized and felt bad for all those friends and relatives whom I did not visit when they would have needed someone to keep them company and I promised myself then that I would definitely visit them as that is when you need someone at your side the most.

30th October was Diwali and my husband was travelling so it was just going to me, kids and my mom in law for celebrations as it was son’s 13th birthday as well. That morning when I woke up I felt I needed to smile more around the house to make the environment lighter and not depressed as we were not able to do so many things we generally do on Diwali, so with this thought I went to started the day with an early shower. As I was coming out of the shower I slipped and I lay on the floor in shock of what happened and what did I hurt, when I realised I didn’t get hurt, only my bums were in pain and my fractured leg was in shock was when I sat up on the floor and started to weep as I wasn’t able to get up. My maid was with me inside as she has to hold me during my shower and I was helpless because of my weight I couldn’t get up on one leg, so I decided to call my other maid and both of them lifted me up and I finally stood on one leg. That’s who Diwali and the 13th birthday started and so no one would know I stayed quiet but as soon as I came out of the loo and sat on my bed i started to weep out loud thinking how things could’ve gone bad and my kids and mom in law had to be told what happened. I was in shock and so was the family but the day went on as we got a hold of ourselves. My friend and my sister in law came over in the evening to celebrate Vaibhav’s birthday and then we had an early Diwali puja as well. We had to wind up the night early that day as all of us were tired. I thanked God once again for saving my life even that day and asked for forgiveness.

Three months passed with doctor’s visit every 15 days and I would have to sit on my bums to go down the stairs and then sit and wiggle my way up, it was painful, embarrassing and terrible and I am just so glad that part is over. I am now able to walk a little after 5 months but the swelling goes up when the foot is strained. Recovery is still not 100 per cent but it’s nearing its end.

The lessons learnt by me in short during this painful period are:

  1. Life is full of surprises don’t take it for granted. Enjoy every moment and make sure you give enough time to all those who need you like your parents as what happens when no one knows.
  2. Make sure you keep things organised at your home to make things easy for your staff when you give them instructions. This was easy for me as all my things are kept so organised that i just have to tell anyone to take out anything from wherever and it’s like a piece of cake. So in this aspect i faced no problems.
  3. It’s a good idea to pursue your hobbies in case of bed rest as not everyone enjoys watching TV or reading books.
  4. Try to write emails to all those people who you have been longing to be in touch with.
  5. Make a list of all the pending things you need to do when you get better.
  6. Last but not the least, eat healthy and DONT get FAT.
  7. Your family need you to be happy so keep smiling.

Well, I am now coming out of my depression and frustrations and trying to move ahead thinking about how i can get back to what i want to do slowly and steadily still but at this point I would like to thank all my family, my kids and friends who were at my side whenever I needed them and who gave me moral strength at this time. I have no regrets against those whom didn’t visit me as I may have exceeded my expectations but thanks anyways about thinking about me.

Life is short and full of un-expected challenges but take it strongly and boldly and  it keeps you going.IMG_7580 IMG_7579IMG_7585IMG_0038IMG_0164 IMG_0163 IMG_0158pic

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  1. Anju February 9, 2017 at 10:06 pm - Reply

    Sangeeta …. so well expressed.I could really feel the pain you’ve gone through while reading your article. I am so glad that you have starting walking a little….hats off to your positive approach and patience…. always admired and loved you for being so good and helpful to everyone… have a soul of an angel… best wishes to you …..Anju

  2. Karen Bailey February 9, 2017 at 11:31 pm - Reply

    I wish I had known earlier. Bob had similiar surgery, plates and screws in his ankle. It does take a long time to heal but he was soon up and moving. I hope your healing time goes quickly. Happy Birthday to your son- a teenager in the house. So glad to hear from you. Please stay in touch.

  3. Me February 12, 2017 at 1:36 am - Reply

    WOW! What a Fall!
    WOW ! What a mental recovery!

    Keep that spirit up high and strength strong.
    Its an amazing thing to recover because it puts you back in touch with yourself and allows you or rather forces you to go off stream and into another timezone. Its like a pit stop in Formula I where all other race cars go roaring past you and you are just there looking and knowing how every millisecond matters in the race. But you concentrate on your own stuff. In your case, you need to be in touch again with yourself – your body, mind, breathing and what you want life to be and then what you need to make that life.

    Please use the recovery time with great attention, care and wisdom.

    I wish you a speedy full recovery and many happy moments in a long beautiful life.

    It’s Me.

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