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Posted on Jun 27 2017 - 12:36am by Sangeeta Kumar

Quick solution to wholesome nutrition every mother should be aware of

I have always been concerned for my husbands’ health because he has diabetes and has a sweet tooth. Though he keeps a check on his sugar levels and till date he is coping up, but his regular intake of 100% Orange juice has always been my concern as I have always thought that it may not be the right thing for him.

He however, seems to have always done his homework as he sticks only to one brand and one flavor. I always tell him not to consume synthetic juices everyday but it has become his habit and a routine that he must have it every day. I have now given up as he still continues to have it and now, even the kids have started having regularly.

I was recently invited to a bloggers’ meet where Tropicana launched 2 new juices in the ‘Essentials’ range. From the very first day of the invite I was excited to attend this seminar as there were a few things I had to ask that were in my mind, as I have always been concerned about the packed juices.

As we progressed towards discussion, it was emphasized by the experts present there, that some of the juices that certain brands offer were actually 100% juices and were not synthetic in nature. The 100% Orange juice that my husband was drinking was a question I raised with the experts panel and what I came to know was to my surprise a pleasant shock to me.

 The expert advised that he was actually doing the right thing by drinking the juice as it was giving him energy and Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Phosphorus, and Potassium. They also mentioned that he must keep his sugar levels in check if he is diabetic as the juice does have the regular amount of sugars that the fruit has, however they have no added additional sugar than that present in the fruit.

Well, now coming to the juices that Tropicana Essentials launched. One of them was a combination of mixed fruits and vegetables and the other one was Iron variant. In an orange colour this Tropicana Essentials Iron seemed to be a popular choice of all the moms. The immediate thought when it comes to a juice which has Iron was that how beneficial this juice could be to all those young girls who are anaemic and with Iron deficiency. How beneficial it will be for mothers who have fussy kids and they don’t want to have those vegetables which are loaded with Iron such as Beetroot, Spinach, pomegranate, etc. are some of the common fruits and vegetables which have Iron.

Keeping in mind my learning for the day, I as a good mother, a wife and home maker will make sure that I introduce into my family’s meal the Tropicana’s newly launched juices which have the required amounts of Iron, Vit A, Vit D that we require on a daily basis per serving. In our hectic and rushed lifestyles, it is of key importance that we keep a check on our intakes of essentials vitamins and these juices will be of great help.

Tropicana has proven to be good for my family and being Iron deficient myself I am looking forward to adding it in my diet to recoup the Iron levels my body requires. My daughter and son both are anaemic too and as per what the panellist were saying, I am sure to add this Tropicana Essentials Iron Juice everyday in their diet. Infact, there are facts to prove that these juices have the required amount of essential vitamins in addition to the Iron too.

I can swear by Tropicana any day since we have been regularly using it.

Love to u and your families!

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