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Posted on Nov 14 2017 - 12:28pm by Sangeeta Kumar

As a child I have always been fond of Mattel products. Whoever has used Mattel would agree with me on the quality of the product.

As a girl Barbie has one of my favorites and my daughters too and now Barbie believes in expanding young minds through creative play! Emphasizing on Barbie’s 180 careers, Barbie has come up with playsets that showcases the different professions of Barbie to inspire kids and to make them believe that once you set your mind to it, you can be anything!

Written below is the product note on Imagine the Possibilities with Barbie’s Astronaut and Scientist playset and Barbie® Baby Doctor Playset. The theme is “Career Minded Toys & Games”.


Imagine the Possibilities with Barbie’s Astronaut and Scientist playset!

Highlighting two of the 180 Barbie careers, this Barbie Astronaut and Space Scientist Doll set comes with a strong message encouraging young girls to be themselves! Coming in a set of two, the dolls promote achieving great dreams and working as a team. The profession themed duo promote early and undeveloped imaginings such as space scientist, doctor and an astronaut. This pair based on the space concept enhances the fun with theme based decorations. Accessories includes white gloves, boots and a cool snap-on for the space wearing Barbie and a pair of goggles and laptop for the white shimmery space scientist that help her explore the galaxy!

Launch your dreams higher and Imagine The Possibilities with this inspiring Barbie squad!!

Product: Barbie® Astronaut & Space Scientist Dolls

Price: INR 1,499/-

Available at leading retail stores and e-commerce websites; find the most up-to-date information here:

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