Tips to Make New Year Resolutions with Kids!

Posted on Dec 7 2017 - 7:11pm by Sangeeta Kumar

Celebration Season is on. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year, so a festive time for everyone.

New Year is a new start and an opportunity to learn from the past, refocus and restart if needed.

The world celebrates New Year and all people make resolutions for the coming year, but honestly I feel making resolutions should be done on birthdays, because that is the real day when your year starts. That’s just my personal opinion.

So, how can we help our kids make resolutions? If your child is old enough to write, he or she should make an effort to write down their achievements and goals, and you can help your younger child by writing theirs down.

Help your kids to make the resolutions. Some examples are:

I will this year . . .

  • I will keep my room clean and clear the toys and books after I am done playing and studying.
  • I will sit straight
  • I will exercise and play in the park
  • I will not play a lot of games on the phone.
  • I will stop biting my nails
  • I will watch less television and read a book instead.
  • I will eat healthier food.
  • I will improve in studies.
  • I will not fight with my sister/brother
  • I will discuss all my problems with either parent so I can get the proper guidance
  • I will take out time to pray and thank God for all that I have

For smaller children some resolutions can be:

  • I’ll brush my teeth twice
  • I won’t create a fuss for food
  • I will not speak to strangers

Some of the resolutions that parents can make with and for their kids/families:

  • We will save money
  • We will stop smoking
  • We will try to be more calm and patient with the kids
  • I will come home on time from office to have family time and I will not bring office problems and work home
  • Will plan a family outing once in 3 months.

Well its time for me also to make a list of what all I will be discussing with my kids and help them make their resolution list.

Remember the above list was just an example of some of the things I have done with my kids in the past.

Also please email me the resolutions you make with your kids so I can share it on my blog!

Good luck to you all and to me too!

Have a wonderful year ahead!


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