Pooja Makhija’s Book Launch – Eat Delete Junior

Posted on Jul 19 2017 - 8:47am by Sangeeta Kumar

Hi to all the readers reading this blog,

Nutrition is the key to Health, we all know. The right nutrition and the choice of nutrition really matters when it concerns our health. All of us, exceptions excused, don’t really think of Calories, Fat content, nutritional value, protein content, sugar content, etc, etc, before we buy our food products, cook and consume our meals. Is’nt this true? We don’t sometimes know if the oil we use is the right one for us. We all have this problem even while buying packaged foods.

What happens next is that we become unaware of what kind of health issues could we be inviting. This could be lack of essentials Vitamin, Minerals, proper nutrition the body needs to cure and nourish itself.

This wasn’t news to my ears as I have been hearing this often especially during so many of the product launches I have been to earlier.

I recently attended a book launch of Pooja Makhija’s second book, Eat Delete Junior with Shvetha Bachchan at the Olive Bar & Kitchen, Mehrauli.

Before the Launch of the book, which is such a good read for all the mothers out there, she mentioned that what we eat and how we eat is what matters the most during our meals, or even in between our meals. She gave us tips on how to understand the right food and quanitiy. She said, which really appealed to me, was that everything we must eat and no food is bad or good, but it is the way we have it cooked and the quantity of food that we eat which we must take care of. She also gave us tips on how important it is not to let the body starve and the importance of eating 4 small meals every day.

Adding to what Pooja said, Shvetha Bachan also said that its about eating right and not about what you eat. She said that as a mother she has always loved cooking noodles for kids and she herself is a potato freak, wants potatoes in every meal.

Even Jamal Shaikh gave us tips on how he became FAT to FIT with the right eating habits and exercise.

After the insights from these celebrities and reading the book I have made some points and challenges for myself as well as for the kids, hope I am able to achieve it.

Advising everyone to pick up a copy of Eat Delete Junior and take the tips from there to prepare good meals for the kids. There are some nice tiffin ideas as well.

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