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I am switching to products which are packed in Tetra Pak Cartons!

Being a mom has a huge responsibility to ensure that my kids get the best and are safe is why I am switching over to products packed in Tetra Pak Cartons .

As an example let’s talk about milk. Is the milk we drink at home safe for us and our Kids?

I recently attended a seminar on Milk, where I learnt the process of packaged milk and unpacked milk from the animals to our glass. What I learnt was mind blowing and shocking.

The milk we get from the milkman in the canisters, usually slung on a motorcycle, is pretty much unsafe and is adulterated with toxins and non food substance. Milk in Pouches may be spurious and can be highly unsafe. Even the milk from the vending machines is full of bacteria.

milk motor


milk transport
This is not the good bacteria that we need or eat in other lactose products like cheese or yogurt; this is really bad bacteria that makes us sick and lowers our immunity as well. The milk that is safest is the milk that you buy in the carton from Tetra Pak Carton.

Why, you may ask, do I say that Milk in Tetra Pak cartons is good milk and the other milk is not. Well it is all in the processing of the milk, the packaging and the whole supply chain of milk.

I am sure you can guess some of what is happening in these photos. This tells you that in remote places, rural areas and in urban slums this is how milk is packed or re packed by spurious milk vendors. This milk is adultered with non milk liquids and solids under unsafe and unhygienic conditions.

As a caution, we should not and cannot assume that all milk is packed like this or that all milk is adulterated but the photos definitely prove that there is a possibility and especially in remote areas, where there is lack of proper and good supervision or agencies that can check the contents for genuineness.

This spurious milk is then distributed into the city supply system and it becomes extremely difficult to trace the milk and its source. This practice of adulteration with these chemicals is in continuation and as we have seen and heard of so many children becoming sick and unfortunately also fatally sick in china, India is also prone to such abuse by those who want to make fast money.

The chemicals added to bring more foam and thickness or to delay the milk from getting spoilt are formaldehyde, soap and even detergent powders. This allows the transporters to pick up the milk from the collecting points and take it to the packing stations without the milk becoming bad till then.

adulterated milk

Apart from the adulteration of the milk and spurious branding/ production, we should also note the storage of milk. Milk should always be kept in super hygienic conditions because it is one of the main products that is readily consumed by babies at their most vulnerable age and children in their growth stage.

Additionally, milk is consumed in everyday Indian households in tea/coffee and also other products like Curd, sweets etc. So bad milk affects the whole household and it can have dire consequences on the health of the most vulnerables- children and elderly.

This demands an environment where bacteria growth is minimal. Now if you went to your neighborhood general stores or other shops, you will see wet plastic pouches, trays where moisture or leaked packets are kept crammed together with other milk packets that collect the dust from the air and attracts other creatures and insects. Even a rat’s or cat’s hair on a pack of such milk can easily slip in if you have not washed the pack thoroughly enough before pouring it.


milk in containers

Another thing to really consider is how milk is transported. Milk should always be transported in vacuumed or in refrigerated transportation at all times, but in India, milk is transported in non-air conditioned vans and the shops keep the milk in non refrigerated shelves. Most of the shops that have refrigeration turn the refrigerators off during closing hours. This helps the bacteria to grow rapidly inside and outside the pack.

That is one of the main reasons families in India always boils and re boils the milk before consumption. But by boiling even for a lengthy point of time we are killing all the nutrition in the milk. And lets think now, of the source of milk. I am sure you must have seen this scene in many cities in India.

Please take a moment to identify all the components that the cow is eating. Also notice all the other stuff around what the cow has picked out to eat in the image. It seems our milk man does not really take the cattle for grazing in a vitamin rich field but just lets them go and fend for food from the rotten garbage that has been refused as filth from our own houses. Is it not shocking to see the cows eating the filth we refused to keep in our own house and then we still consume the milk from those cows that are eating this filth? Somehow it does not seem quite a right picture to me. What about you?

cows eating filth

The cattle eats so much of bad bacteria laden filth, it is hard to imagine that the cow would process this garbage into nutritious and healthy milk. It is just not possible and one need not be a scientist to figure this out.

Must really look at all this and safeguard ourselves from eating or drinking and serving unhygienic food detrimental to our wellbeing and of those we care for most.

There is still hope though and it comes in the name of Tetra Pak which is a unique, Swedish, globally approved, non human touch packing system for food. The next time you go shopping, you will soon see how many brands and food products there are in Tetra Pak. This shows that those brands that care are now turning into packaging systems that add value to their products and are safe for customers.

Tetra Pak provides processing solutions that begin right from the extraction of milk from udders of cow into a vacuum drum on a truck/ van through pipes and which then goes directly to the packaging and processing units at the Tetra Pak facility. The milk in this process goes without ever being touched by human hand or through any additives and because it is in vacuum sealed and air packed pipes and drums, there is no threat of contamination from even air borne micro-organisms. This ensures a clean, hygienic and safe process for the milk all the way into the packaging. But that is not all, in fact Tetra Packed milk is probably the safest milk ever to consume as it does not lose any nutrition. The milk, once in the pipes in the Tetra Pak process goes through an Ultra High Temperature (135- 140 degree celsius ) (Hence the name UHT milk) for just 3-4 seconds and then immediately cooled to 20 degree celsius. This ensures that the bad bacteria are killed through the UHT but the nutritious value of the milk is retained because the boiling time is super.


Usually when we boil milk at home we wait for the milk to rise up to the tip of the pan which already means that the milk has been boiling for a minute and has lost most of the nutrition. UHT milk in Tetra Pak carton can be consumed directly from the pack without any need to be boiled again and hence it is convenient to even take on trips, picnics, office, school etc. The long shelf life of milk packed in Tetra Pak carton (six months) is testimony itself of bacteria free milk and the packaging that can keep it isolated from the environment and it is free of any preservatives.

milk tetra

Tetra Pak carton in fact is about 6 layers of different packaging to seal in the food product in a way that the external environment cannot get inside the packaging at all. The Tetra Pak carton is easy to store, does not need any refrigeration, is not in danger of being cut or punctured easily and can be stored away for a long time. Once Tetra Pak carton’s the seal is opened it has to be stored in the refrigerator and can be consumed within 2-3 days.
So now you know what I learned about milk and how Tetra Pak is providing us the goodness of life through its safe packaging. I am hooked on Tetra Pak and can now safely buy UHT milk for my whole family and dog too without ever thinking of any contaminants in the milk . For more information about UHT milk log on to

tetra pack

So now I hope you understand why I am switching to the products of Tetra Pak cartons.!


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    excellent points altogether, you simply won a new reader. What could you recommend about your publish that you just made a few days in the past? Any positive?

  2. gauri March 25, 2015 at 9:53 am - Reply

    Hi, great info. Can you pls guide me how I can reuse product one tetra pack is open ed. If I get litre of milk n disgusting snark family all doesn’t get finished in day, is it Ok to keep the pack open for 2 to 3 days in fridge?

    • Sangeeta Kumar April 14, 2015 at 9:58 pm - Reply

      Yes ofcourse its fine to keep the product in the fridge for a few days. Also buy the appropriate needed size as it comes in many sizes

  3. rahul December 7, 2017 at 12:36 pm - Reply

    Excellent article, Tetra pack milk is much safer and best alternative for regular milk. Good points you highlighted, specially layer packing one it keeps away from milk getting spoiled, keeps it free from adulteration. Even the life of tetra pack milk is much more as compared to regular one. Great work, thanks for sharing such helpful info, i think know people should get aware of milk adulteration after reading this article.

    • Sangeeta Kumar December 7, 2017 at 6:23 pm - Reply

      Thank you for your comments.

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