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Posted on Feb 2 2016 - 1:11pm by Sangeeta Kumar

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30th January 2016, there was a fete in Suncity World School where both my kids study. The earnings of the Fete were collected for a good cause, which is to support the World Leprosy Eradication day. The 

The weather was excellent and it was a day full of fun. The school holds a fete every two years and the stalls are mostly organised by students and teachers.

All the kids of Suncity along with their parents, grandparents, cousins, friends, were having such a great time.

tanisha ndme suncity fete


suncity kids












Even my parents had to come to see Vaibhav, who had a stall with his other classmates. It was indeed a joy to the eyes to see so many students enjoying and having a masti time.


vaibhav & friends








There was a dance performance by every age group and the kids who had prepared a performance indeed did a superb job at it. Kids as small as 4 year olds performing on “Radha teri chunri” was the cutest of all.


suncity radha mickle jackson dance suncity









Kids were even enjoying the Camel rides and Horse buggie rides inside the school campus. What a moment of fun for them.

camel ride suncity1.JPG.crdownload horse ride suncity camel ride suncity











Out of the blue was a street dance performed by two kids of 9th grade is what I heard and all children shouting out Rambo, Rambo, Rambo….. and Rambo turned out to be a smart girl who was break dancing like ohhhhh wow”. The entire ground was there to witness it. She was dancing with an equally sweet looking boy who at first sight did not look like the break dancing types, but as they say “One must not judge by the looks”. The boy was amazing too and both when they performed together was a treat to the eyes and it added so much of pepp to the entire evening.

suncity break dancers suncity break dancers1 suncity break dancers1.JPG.crdownload suncity break dancers2 suncity break dancers3






















All in all it was a delight to be a part of the Fete. It was nice to see the teachers, coordinators,kids and parents in a light mood. Rupa mme, the principal of the school, was not to be missed, in her total picnic attire, dressed up in trousers, poncho and a brown hat, elegant as ever.


Vaibhav & Rupa mme suncity parents and rupa mme









Looking forward to Suncity Fete of 2018.

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